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Renting with us means you get access to features that make your living situation streamlined and efficient.

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Pay rent online from your
desktop or on your mobile

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Contact our staff at [email protected]

to receive an answer to all of your questions.

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Report maintenance issues
from your app fro quick

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Keep electronic files on your
portal & sign documents with 

Insure Yourself

Purchase affordable renters
insurance through your
AppFolio portal.

Auto Payments

Set up recurring payments so
your rent is always on-time.

Pay Your Way

So many options tp pay right at your
fingertips. With your tenant portal,
you get to choose:


Debit Card


Retail Cash Payslip

Automatic Payments

Getting Rental Assistance?

Frequently Asked Questions

*How do I make rent payments?

Rent payments can be made via Credit, Debit Card, ECheck, or Retail Cash Payslip. These can be made manually each month or you can set up automatic payments.

*What are the fees to pay rent?

  • Credit Card payments are charged 2.99% of the total amount per transaction (with a minimum fee of $3.50)
  • Debit Card payments are charged a $9.99 flat fee per transaction
  • eCheck payments have no added fees
  • Retail Cash Payslip payments are charged a $3.99 processing fee per transaction

*Can I pay my rent in cash?

Cash payments are not accepted, however, tenants can request a Retail Cash Payslip via the Tenant Portal AppFolio

*How is maintenance handled?

Maintenance requests are filled on the AppFolio Tenant Portal. Management schedules requests in the order in which they are received, starting with urgent requests.

*How can I renew my lease?

Renewal options will typically be emailed to tenants 90 days before the end of the lease. However, you can set up a time to talk about your lease anytime here.